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Let’s talk about BESIDE

It was a bright, sunny morning when I looked out the window and my eyes fell upon the tree.

The big oak, full of history and a source of inspiration to many over the centuries.

The magnificence of the tree always transported me to a place of reflection, but on that morning, my old oak helped me to put everything in perspective.
I realized I no longer wanted to work in the prison created by a short-term mindset forced upon me and other leaders by the financial markets.

Future is the intelligence of the heritage

That’s how Beside was born — a consequence of extensive reflection and research aimed at wanting to build something sustainable for future generation through a journey.

Beside SA is a consulting company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which partners with clients in the fields of Business, Organization and People development.

Our philosophy is to start from our Clients’ needs and to develop jointly applicable ideas and hands-on solutions. We, and our consultants, benefit from years of experience in Business, Consulting and Human Resources across several industries.

Beside serves global Clients as well as small and medium businesses across different geographies. We operate in several languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

We help you to dare the transition.

We believe that by rethinking your Business, Organization and People model,

we can shape a new sustainable future.

We believe in our direction. We trust the future and we want you to trust in yours when partnering with us.

At Beside, we developed a complete set of solutions to design or reinvent your company strategy and governance, to reshape your customer supplier alliances or to develop a sustainable and engaging leadership strategy.

WE PARTNER WITH YOU, FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY. We implement our solutions and services as if we were one of your employees. We are and we want to be hands on, which requires a lot of work on your part and on ours. We are glad to accompany you on your new journey.

Trust the future, dare to transform.