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Let’s talk about business

Beside helps you think through ways to reinvent your business strategy. We partner with you to reinterpret your strategy through a new business model lens.

We help you to dare the transition. Beside provides you with a complete set of solutions and structured methodologies.


Our consultants work with you to rethink and design a resilience and sustainable business model, reviewing and covering distinct areas.

   your business model resilience

   YOUR sustainable and societal transition design

   YOUR business strategy definition

   YOUR collaborative ecosystem

   YOUR revenue streams

   your customer segments

   YOUR distribution channels

   YOUR customer relationships

   YOUR key partnerships

   YOUR key resources and key activities

   YOUR cost structure

   YOUR governance

A preliminary Business Audit & effectiveness is usually performed to establish a clear Business status and rational for further sound decisions.

It’s not just about change.


It’s about making people and things work.

Success is building a constructive and sustainable business for future generations.





let’s talk about your customer and suppliers relationships


Our consultants first assess your customer-supplier relationship potential and, from there, partner with you to fully develop and maximise it.

The core of our business is to identify opportunities, design solutions and mediate to make your customer-supplier alliance a “unique” experience, whilst supporting you to re-align your organization, assess the competencies of the team involved in the relationship and develop your technical and leadership capabilities.


1 – we partner with you to segment your business

  • |  We analyze your customer-supplier portfolio segmentation
  • ..|
  • |  We redesign your customer-supplier portfolio segmentation
  • ..
  • |  We design a targeted value proposition based on the choosen segmentation

2 – WE PARTNER WITH YOU TO assess YOUR relationship

  • |  We assess your relationship strategic potential
  • ..
  • |  We assess the current maturity level of your relationship
  • ::
  • |  We identify the gap where you want to go today and where you want to go with your partner
  • ::
  • |  We point out your over or under engineering in the relationship
  • ::
  • |  We underline the roadblocks and the opportunities in the relationship

3 – WE PARTNER WITH YOU TO design YOUR future business

  • |  We conduct kickoff “attractiveness” workshop
  • ..
  • |  We mediate in the relationship
  • ..
  • |  We help you to design joint roadmap and business development plan
  • ..
  • |  We support you in implementing your strategy

4 – WE PARTNER WITH YOU TO DEvelop your leaders

  • |  We develop your customer-supplier leadership and technical competencies model
  • ..
  • |  We assess your leaders and identify the leadership technical gaps
  • ..
  • |  We design targeted development programs to bridge the gap
  • ..
  • |  We coach and mentor your leaders by job level of responsibility to successfully contribute, lead or sponsor your alliance