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Let’s talk about Organization & People

At Beside we partner with you to rethink your organization and people strategy. We help you look at it through a new lens: the development of a unique employee and customer experience.




We help you to analyze the discrepancies in your organizational model and your organizational network. Starting from there, we help you to design a responsibility driven organization.



We help you to develop your talents by leveraging on behavior predictivity data and by designing targeted development solutions.






Our experience has shown that most companies still have an HR strategy divided into silos (i.e. performance management, people development, recruitment, etc. – all as stand-alone processes). They forget that each employee is a unique person and lives ONE story, his/her own story within your company. As a result, employees and leaders see HR as a purely administrative (or controlling) function and not as a key business enabler or partner.

Through temporary or long-term support, we start from where you are and design a new journey.

What is integhrate ?

A versatile Human Resources approach to support your business

An integrated way of thinking about Human Resources strategy

A full offering of Human Resources tools and methodologies

An integrated and simple HRIS

LET’S briefly go through some of our solutions

Let’s Work

Work is the core of your company, and it’s what generates results. We provide a comprehensive methodology to design your job referential. We partner with you to analyze your job structure, project your activities into the future, and map the added value across levels to better read your organization and your actual and long lasting needs.

Let’s Lead

A comprehensive methodology to map and describe your company values, leadership competencies and behaviors by level of responsibility. This also includes the associated assessment and development offering.

Let’s Organize

An innovative value chain driven organization design methodology. Let’s organize helps you think through how your organization can truly operate in a collaborative business ecosystem. The organization design focus is not “in house driven” but fully oriented to developing a successful value chain organizational system with your customers and suppliers.

Let’s Onboard

Reducing subjectivity is becoming critical not only in selecting strong and high potential employees, but avoiding hiring toxic employees. We partner with you to prescreen, screen, assess, select and onboard outstanding workers.

Let’s Manage

As part of integHRate we partner with you to design your succession planning and internal mobility processes, and to manage the employee’s lifecycle within your company.

Let’s Talk

Most companies continue to implement the traditional “management by objective” approach in assessing their employees’ performance. This drives short-term thinking and enormous volatility in their “doing”. Let’s Talk is an innovative and unique approach to performance management that overcomes the common “SMART objectives” approach.

Let’s Listen

A multi-rater tool (type 360°) anchored on your leadership competencies by level of responsibility. It allows companies to complete the performance data by integrating the feedback of many people’s perceptions.

Let’s Assess

A complete leadership assessment offering to help you reduce subjectivity and make effective external recruitment, internal mobility and succession decisions. Beside is an official reseller of Hogan. We offer you a strong research-based assessment methodology to address key talent management decisions.

Let’s Reward

Reward why and for what? Beside helps you rethink the reward system and its components. We believe in a differentiated compensation system where simplicity and focus on “what I should do every day” inspires the reward system.

Let’s Learn

Beside has developed a methodology to design your individual, team and organization development offering. We believe in targeted development. Our development and coaching methodologies promote a strong on-the-job approach. We coach and develop leaders while working.

Let’s Restructure

Companies are changing. There are different ways to transform and different values behind this process. We support you in layoff and transformation activities and help you drive change, while keeping in mind what is important to you and your people.

Let’s Back Up

Because of our experience, we provide backup on a temporary basis for senior HR positions and help you smoothly onboard your HR leaders. We act as your interim Senior HR solution.


is also a highly affordable HR Information System

You will be surprised how affordable
 integHRate can offer